Frequently Asked Questions


I can't log into the Data Portal to complete SDCs. What should I do?

School principals can email if they cannot log into the Data Portal. Other school staff should review the Portal User Management FAQ with their principals to determine the best access level for them.

I want to explore the Data Portal so I am more comfortable using it before I complete SDCs. Where can I learn more?

Go to our Portal Resources website for information and resources about the Data Portal. Click here for a printable overview of the Portal. Click here for a detailed and regularly-updated orientation to Portal features.


There are students showing up in the "Needed/Not Planned" category of the Regents Planning summary table that I know have exam plans. Why are they included in this category?

Each student’s Regents planning status is determined, in part, by their graduation plan. If a student has a graduation plan set to a date in the past, their Regents plan will not be considered valid. Additionally, if a student has a “Non-graduate” plan, their Regents plans will also not be considered valid. That means that students with past-due graduation plans and non-graduates will appear in the Needed / Not Planned category until their graduation plan has been updated to a valid date.

I scheduled students to take a Regents exam in the upcoming administration but the Regents exam tile in the Student Profile still says "Not Planned." Is this a bug?

The Regents tiles in the student profile take into account a student’s graduation plan. If a student has a grad plan with a grad date that is past due (i.e., a grad date that is set for any year prior to the current year), the Regents plan for the upcoming administration will not be considered a valid plan. To address this issue, make sure to update the student’s grad plan.

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