Credit Gaps - Transfer



  1. Address all Credit Gaps for, at a minimum, all planned June and August Grads by making necessary program changes for the current term in STARS/Powerschool or planning in the Portal for the student to make up the credit in a future term using course codes.
  2. Address Credit Gaps for students in younger cohorts.

Why do this SDC?

If a student is missing credits needed for graduation - whether because the student has not attempted credits or failed prior attempts - an explicit plan should exist for when the student will attempt to earn the credit. This plan should prioritize closing credit gaps in the current term by adjusting the student’s program, but where that is not feasible, identifying what courses a student will take in the future and when. Recording these plans in the Portal, using course codes, helps manage a complicated process and simplifies future decision-making.

What you'll do:

  1. Set credit-accumulation metrics to establish a standard expectation for course programming.
  2. Identify students' credit gaps, based on metrics.
  3. Make and record plans for resolving credit gaps in the Portal.
  4. Enter planned course changes for the current term in STARS/Powerschool.

How you'll do it

Click the image below for a step-by-step guide on how to do this SDC.

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