Regents Prep Supports



  1. All students scheduled to sit for an exam in the upcoming administration are scheduled for an aligned course or a prep support.
  2. All students are assigned to a Regents Point Person.

Why do this SDC?

Many students, especially those behind on Regents exams, need multiple attempts to pass them, as well as reinforcement of key content and skills. Especially if students pass a course but fail the associated exam, the time between when students were last exposed to key content in the course and when the student will retake the Regents exam makes additional support critical for success. Knowing early who will attempt Regents exams empowers schools to make more intentional decisions about how to support students to successfully reattempt. Closely monitoring attendance at these support opportunities, and intervening where students are not actually participating, is essential for promoting success.

What you'll do:

  1. Identify all prep courses and activities at your school.
  2. Create prep activities in the Portal and assign students to them.
  3. Assign students to Regents Point People.

How you'll do it:

Click the image below for a step-by-step guide on how to do this SDC.

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