Attendance Supports



1. Every student with <90% attendance is assigned to an attendance support.

2. All students are assigned to an Attendance Point Person.

Why do this SDC?

Attendance is the foundation that puts a student in a position to take advantage of all opportunities to be successful and advance to the next grade level. Grouping students by attendance trends allows school leadership to efficiently organize resources and align attendance supports to the needs of their students. For example, a student with an 85% attendance rate may need a different support from one whose attendance rate is 40%. Assigning a point person responsible for individual student follow-up allows for close monitoring , proactive response and the implementation of practices which support improved attendance for each student.

What you'll do

1. Identify students whose attendance rate is <90%.

2. Create supports in the Portal and assign students to them.

How you'll do it:

Click the image below for a step-by-step guide on how to do this SDC.

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